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IXplore SpinSR | Super Resolution Microscope System

Evident Life Science (Olympus Scientific Solutions)

IXplore SpinSR | Super Resolution Microscope System

The IXplore SpinSR super resolution microscope system by Evident is meticulously engineered to facilitate rapid 3D super-resolution imaging while ensuring extended cell viability during time-lapse experiments. With its impressive XY resolution reaching an exceptional 120 nm, this innovative system eliminates the necessity for specialized labelling procedures. By seamlessly combining high-resolution imaging with prolonged cell viability, the IXplore SpinSR empowers researchers to delve deeper into cellular dynamics with unprecedented clarity and precision, opening new avenues for groundbreaking discoveries in the field of microscopy.


IXplore SpinSR overview

  • High-Level Super Resolution: Resolve confocal images down to 120 nm XY resolution using the confocal technique and Olympus super resolution (OSR).
  • Suited for Live Specimens: OSR algorithms work in real time to eliminate delays caused by frame averaging or image reconstruction, providing instant super resolution images so you can get to your results faster. This enables experimental design for super resolution to include live cell experiments, which are further improved through the ultrafast imaging speeds and multichannel acquisition capabilities of the spinning disk confocal.
  • Reveal Super Resolution Details Inside Your Samples: To observe intracellular structures, it is necessary to prevent out of focus fluorescence from blurring the true data in your final image. The IXplore SpinSR microscope system has incorporated a confocal optical system, enabling the use of  various objectives, including silicone oil optics, therefore allowing the acquisition of sharp super resolution images with less blurring even in thick samples. Furthermore, no special fluorophores or imaging buffers are required so there is no need to change samples or preparation protocols when looking to convert to super resolution.
  • Reveal Your Data: Our TruSight deconvolution can be combined with super resolution to provide images that clearer and sharper than with deconvolution alone. The 3D constrained iterative deconvolution removes blur in the Z-axis for a cleaner three-dimensional image.
    • High-speed image processing with the advanced TruSight deconvolution
    • TruSight deconvolution is compatible with Olympus Super Resolution
  • Two-Color Simultaneous Imaging: The IXplore SpinSR system can use two cameras simultaneously to achieve fast, two-color localization super-resolution imaging. This is achieved using existing fluorophores and laser lines.


Streamline Your Research with a Super Resolution Microscope System

Easily integrate the IXplore SpinSR microscope system into existing experiment and sample protocols; you can switch from widefield, confocal, and super resolution using the same samples with just the click of a button— the microscope takes care of the rest.

Image data can be further enhanced using cellSens software’s image analysis tools. The software’s efficient workflows enable users to effectively manage their data and perform advanced analysis that helps unlock new insights.

TruSight deconvolution algorithms are designed to work seamlessly with OSR algorithms, helping prevent over processing. Together they provide sharper, clearer images than either technique alone.

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