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Hal Moisture Analyzer HE53 (230V)

Mettler Toledo

Hal Moisture Analyzer HE53 (230V)

The Hal Moisture Analyzer HE53 (230V) from Mettler Toledo is great for simple moisture analysis with 0.01 %MC (1 mg) readability, bright backlit LCD display, progress indicator, one method, robust and compact design, and a 50-160° drying temperature.

Suitable for both laboratory and production environment, this basic moisture analyzer is reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable.

Key features of the Hal Moisture Analyzer HE53 (230V)

  • Reliable Moisture Results: A straightforward instrument with all the basic functions you need for fast and efficient moisture measurements.
  • Simple 3-Step Operation: Get fast moisture results in an easy three-step process. 1. Tare the empty sample / weighing pan. 2. Add the sample. 3. Close the lid and press start.  You will see your results in just a few minutes and moisture analysis couldn’t be easier.
  • Affordable Quality: With its simple high-quality construction and rugged design, this instrument is suitable for both laboratory and production environments. Thanks to large numbers and a brilliant LCD display, information and results are easy to read in all light conditions.
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