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SmartCal Test Substance

Mettler Toledo

SmartCal Test Substance

The Mettler Toledo SmartCal is an innovative test substance that offers a fast way to verify the performance of your moisture analyzer. Testing it regularly with SmartCal ensures that your moisture measurements are reliable all the time.


SmartCal overview

  • Quick and Easy Performance Test: Simply select the integrated SmartCal method on the instrument, distribute the contents of the test sachet evenly over the sample pan and start the measurement. After 10 minutes, you know if your instrument’s performance is satisfactory.
  • Documented Instrument Performance: SmartCal measurement reports make it easy to monitor and interpret your instrument’s performance over time. Results can be stored directly in the instrument or manually entered into our free validated Excel® report sheet.
  • Certified for Regulated Industries: Choose SmartCal if you require a test substance that is certified by an independent institute. The cSmartCal certificate satisfies the strictest regulatory requirements.


Features of the SmartCal Test Substance

  • Quick and easy performance test in just 10 minutes
  • Documented performance with measurement reports to monitor moisture analyzer performance over time
  • Testing at point of use for trusted moisture results
  • Done just like a normal moisture measurement
  • Certified version available to satisfy regulatory requirements
  • SmartCal StarterPac to get you up and running right away
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