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Portable pH Meter

Mettler Toledo

Portable pH Meter

A portable pH meter is an analytical instrument that can be used in the lab, at-line close to production, and in the field. Mettler Toledo‘s portable meters cover a wide range of measurement parameters, including pH, conductivity, ion concentration, ORP and dissolved oxygen. The ergonomic design of our instrument allows for one-handed operation and the intuitive menu is easy to use. Routine and professional measurements can be conducted rapidly in single- or dual-channel modes.


Features of the Seven2Go portable pH meter

  • High-quality data on the go: Seven2Go’s simplified menu, automatic sensor recognition, and calibration reminder ensure users obtain high quality data quickly and easily.
  • Comfortable One-Handed Operation: Seven2Go’s easy-to-reach hardkey buttons and sleek design ensure comfortable one-handed operation. even in wet conditions and prolonged use.
  • Rugged investment that lasts: Seven2Go’s IP67 design, reduced weight, and rugged uGo carrying case ensure a lasting instrument providing reliable data even under harsh conditions.


Features of the FiveGo portable pH meter

  • Measurement made easy: A large, well-structured display, intuitive button arrangement and simple menu ensure measurements can be performed in just a few clicks.
  • Ergonomic design for one-handed operation: Thanks to its ergonomic design, handling the FiveGo is a comfortable experience. The foldable stand provides optimal viewing on flat surfaces.
  • IP67 Water and dustproof: The IP67 waterproof protection makes the FiveGo portables able to withstand wet and demanding environments.


Features of the SevenGo Duo portable meter

  • Intuitive Menu-Guidance in 10 Languages: Operation is extremely user-friendly thanks to flexible softkeys and large back-lit display. In addition, the instruments relay full sentences in 10 languages.
  • Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®): ISM® leaves nothing to chance! Calibration data and history are stored in the sensor and transferred automatically upon connection to the meter.
  • Everything Included – Time Saver: The field kit contains a meter, two ISM®-sensors, a rubber holster, a transporting case, sample bottles and buffer/standards. Works immediately.
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