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SevenDirect™ SD23 pH/Conductivity Meter

Mettler Toledo

SevenDirect™ SD23 pH/Conductivity Meter

The Mettler Toledo SevenDirect SD23 is an accurate and flexible meter for the determination of pH and conductivity – either separately or simultaneously. The instrument is delivered with an EasyPlace sensor arm.

SevenDirect instruments are benchtop meters developed for a wide range of laboratory applications, they provide accurate measurements of pH, ion concentration, and conductivity of almost any sample. Their ease of use, data handling options and robustness will delight discerning users.


SevenDirect SD23 overview

  • Mastered in no time: Large color touchscreen provides direct measurement and easy data entry. Instructions guide users through the sensor calibration process.
  • Tracks your records: The instrument stores data like timestamp, sample and sensor ID with every measurement and prints or exports records automatically.
  • Tough enough: Closed connector compartment and replaceable cover keep the instrument safe from dust and spills, even with sensors attached (IP54 in-use).


Features of the SevenDirect SD23 pH/Conductivity Meter

  • Electrode arm for efficient operation: The EasyPlace electrode arm makes placing the sensor in the sample or buffer container easy. Dedicated positions for cleaning and storage support correct sensor handling. Vertical and horizontal movements facilitate precise positioning, even with one hand.
  • Protect critical settings: A two-level user management protects the most important settings. Operators retain the flexibility to individually set preferences like language and screen brightness.
  • Display adapts to your needs: View detailed measurement information on one measurement screen – or focus on the result only and maximize readability with the uFocus mode.
  • Two Parameters in One Device: Measure pH and conductivity with one instrument – simultaneously or separately as the application requires.
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