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Pipette Calibration

Mettler Toledo

Pipette Calibration

The Pipette calibration procedure is a result of Mettler Toledo‘s weighing reputation combined with process oriented software, results in efficient, reliable and compliant pipette calibration process according to ISO8655.


Pipette Calibration solution overview

  • Calibrate from 20µl to 10 ml with one balance: Glass Evaporation traps enable fast calibrations from 20µl to 2 ml pipettes, thanks to the stable setup, good visibility and independed waste container. For volumes from 2 to 10 ml a metal 100 ml evaporation container is placed on the XPE balance.
  • Fast Micro Pipetting – down to 1µl: The motion sensor lid and large 80ml evaporation trap of the XPE26PC ensure less handling steps and fast valid results even when calibrating micro pipettes down to 1µl according to ISO 8655. The large 10 ml container allows many calibrations without any interruption.


Features of the Mettler Toledo Pipette Calibration solutions

  • Unique design for durable performance: Thanks to the unique hanging weighing pan design the bottom plate is completely closed and avoids water and fluids dripping into the balance mechanics and weighing cell. Our unique construction ensures durable and consistent pipette calibration procedure performance for a lifetime.
  • Efficient process: Calibry software supports all steps of the calibration process and ensures full traceability of calibration data. The standard pipette database, method management, customer database and cockkpit screen during pipette calibration procedure enable an easy and secure calibration process of all pipettes.
  • Compliant and traceable results: Calibry software saves all calibration data in a secure SQL database and ensures compliance with ISO8655 and supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements with user management and audit trail features. Results can be printed on customizable reports or be exported.
  • Stability increases speed: An optional dual framed weighing table is hence best protected from user and environment vibrations, substantially speeding up measurement times. With this complete solution, pipette calibration procedure is faster than ever.
  • Valid Results: The built-in StatusLight™ uses color to indicate intuitively the status of the balance. The green light indicates clearly that the balance is ready for you to begin your next calibration, so you can be sure your results will be valid.
  • Easy levelling: The LevelGuide™ provides you with a warning when the XPE balance is not levelled. Full instructions and a graphical leveling bubble are shown on the touchscreen so you can level your balance in seconds
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