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LabSolutions CS Laboratory Software


LabSolutions CS Laboratory Software

LabSolutions CS, from our partner Shimadzu, features an innovative operating environment and provides complete data management to ensure secure information in networked laboratories.

LCs and GCs are used extensively in quality control and research and development departments in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, chemical, and food. Recently, an increasing demand for food safety and environmental analysis and measurement has led to a dramatic increase in the number of samples being analyzed which, in turn, has resulted in demands for faster, easier-to-use instruments and software. In the pharmaceutical industry, compliance to regulations and guidelines, such as CSV and PIC/S GMP, U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Data Integrity and so on, and the proper, efficient management of instruments and analytical data are required. With this background, faster, more efficient management of instruments and data is essential. LabSolutions is a network-compatible analysis data system capable of meeting these needs.

Features of LabSolutions CS

  • Comfortable Operating Environment: One Software, Operating Status of Equipment, Remote Access
  • Safe and secure data management: database management, solid security
  • Total support for regulatory compliance: CSV (IQOQ Validation) Support, Configuration Management of Client PC, Documentation Support
  • Multi-data report: Reduced Validation Workload, Report Creation for Various Instruments, Various Report Templates
  • Peak integration algorithm: Highly Accurate Detection of Shoulder Peaks, Simple Adjustment of Peak-baseline Processing
  • Report set: Visualization of the Sequence of Analysis Operations, Sequence of Analysis Protected Automatically, Digitization of the Confirmation Process
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