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LabSolutions DB Laboratory Software


LabSolutions DB Laboratory Software

LabSolutions DB, Laboratory Software from our partner Shimadzu, integrates a data management function with LabSolutions LC/GC and is compliant with the ER/ES Regulations. It is optimally configured for customers using a PC and delivers secure data management with a PC.

It is recommended for the following customers

  • Facilities with only a few instruments (maximum of 4 units/PCs)
  • Facilities where network connections are not required
  • Facilities interested in ER/ES compliance and limited to stand-alone systems

Features of LabSolutions DB Laboratory Software 

  • Safe and secure data management
    • Database management prevents mistakes
    •   Solid security
    • Control and analysis are possible from PCs other than the analysis PC
    • Improved managerial efficiency with system information integrated with the server
  • Total support for regulatory compliance
    • Support functionality for CSV (IQOQ Validation)
    • Configuration management of client PC LabSolutions software not required
    • Support for document creation
  • Multi-data report
    • Features simplified preparation of free formats and a reduced validation workload using change control
    • Enabling report creation for various instruments
    • Report templates for various standard tests provided as standard
  • Peak integration algorithm
    • i-PeakFinder, a new peak integration algorithm for LabSolutions, is a completely automated integration function that can detect peaks with high levels of accuracy without requiring special parameter adjustments.
  • Column manager
    • Analytical column management tool
    • Easy confirmation of usage and frequency in use of column
    • Easy confirmation of the analysis result using the column
    • Audit trail of column management
    • Easy management of column information
    • Confirmation of usage in use of column
    • Analysis history of column
  • Report set
    • Strong support for ensuring the reliability of analysis data and enhancing productivity
    • Provided report set function enables visualization of computer operations and improves procedural efficiency


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