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Spectrophotometer Easy UV

Mettler Toledo

Spectrophotometer Easy UV

Based on scanning technology, the Mettler Toledo Spectrophotometer Easy UV is equipped with a xenon flash lamp, which is long-lasting and low-maintenance.


Spectrophotometer Easy UV overview

  • Conventional Spectrophotometry: Run a photometric measurement at multiple wavelengths or scan a spectrum of the sample with customizable parameters and the peak-finding function.
  • Color Measurement: 30 standard-compliant ready to use color scales (e.g. CIELAB, APHA, Gardner) shorten the time to result and avoid calculation errors.
  • Water Testing: The SQKitReader™ option enables your Easy UV to read the barcode of Spectroquant® water test kits and start the built-in methods.


Features of the Spectrophotometer Easy UV

  • Compact: The compact design similar to a lab journal reduces clutter on your lab bench.
  • Versatile: Exchangeable XPathHolders™ allow shifting quickly between seven different path lengths to suit a wide application and concentration range. The PathDetect™ function automatically detects the chosen path length.
  • Efficient: Closing the SmartLid™ automatically starts the measurement. This saves many clicks on the user interface from your routine and repetitive operation and simplifies the workflow. Built-in features such as a favorite list and LongClick™ speed up routine analyses.
  • Intuitive: The intuitive user interface with workflow guidance and integrated tutorials allows you to simply plug-and-measure. The ScanStart™ function will automatically start a method by scanning a barcode, pre-defined on your SOP protocol.
  • Lean: Data acquisition, storage, and display are efficiently performed by EasyDirect™ UV/VIS PC software. Result data can also be automatically exported or seamlessly integrated into a centralized data management system (e.g. LIMS).
  • Up-to-Date: Software updates, competent application support, and verified methods allow you to update the instrument to support new analytical needs. EasyDirect™ customers receive an automated notification when a new update is available for download.
  • Clean: An easy-to-remove and washable drip tray allows fast and efficient cleaning of the instrument.
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