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Spectrophotometer UV5Bio

Mettler Toledo

Spectrophotometer UV5Bio

The Spectrophotometer UV5Bio is a cuvette-based UV/Vis instrument for life sciences from Mettler Toledo. Pre-defined methods for Bradford, Lowry, BCA and Biuret assays, and for OD600, DNA, RNA and protein analysis (e.g. A260, A260/A280). Accessories available for temperature-controlled kinetic studies.

Key features of the Spectrophotometer UV5Bio

  • Simple One Click™ Operation: The large colour touchscreen features the intuitive One Click™ interface. All users have their own home screen, enabling daily tasks in just One Click.
  • Ready to use: The instrument is shipped ready for immediate use. The Xenon flash lamp has no warm-up time. Simply power it up and start measuring.
  • Ready-to-use Bio-Applications: Comprehensive package of pre-defined Bio-Applications; From DNA concentration and purity determination to protein assays.

Overview of the Spectrophotometer UV5Bio

  • Keep Control of all Costs: With no moving parts in the optical set-up, the instrument is robust and easy to maintain.
  • Measurement within Seconds: Modern fiber optics are combined with a CCD array detector and Xenon flash lamp, allowing for a full spectrum scan within just 1 second.
  • Open sample area: Sample handling is fast and easy, with the open sample compartment. Installation of accessories like holders is straightforward.
  • Clean Up Your Lab Bench: Compact layout of optical components allows for strikingly small footprint. Instrument can be operated as a standalone without the use of a PC.
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