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UV VIS Micro-Volume Spectrophotometry

Mettler Toledo

UV VIS Micro-Volume Spectrophotometry

The UV Vis Micro-Volume Spectrophotometry from Mettler Toledo is a Life Science Instrument for DNA, RNA and Protein Analyses.


Overview of the UV Vis Micro-Volume Spectrophotometry with LockPath™ Technology

  • Accurate Microvolume Measurements: Only 1μL of sample is required for reliable measurements. Thanks to LockPath™ Technology, measurement accuracy is guaranteed and errors are avoided.
  • Measure Wide Concentration Ranges Fast: Measurement is taken at two defined pathlengths, allowing a wide concentration range to be covered without further dilutions.
  • Double Application Power: The UV5Nano is two instruments in one: you can perform micro-volume or cuvette measurements.
  • OneDrop UV Vis Spectrophotometry: Only a minimal amount of sample is required for accurate measurements. Wide concentration ranges from 6 ng/µL to 15,000 ng/µL of dsDNA can be measured without further dilutions.


Features of the UV VIS Micro-Volume Spectrophotometry

  • Ergonomic design: Convenient and secure: the design of the instrument allows the operator to place their hand to guide the pipette tip.
  • Simple One Click™ Operation: The large color touchscreen features an intuitive One Click™ interface. All users have their own home screen, enabling daily tasks in just One Click.
  • Robust and easy to maintain: With no moving parts in the optical set-up, the instrument is robust and easy to maintain. The flat surface of the micro-volume platform makes cleaning fast and easy.
  • Ready to Use: The instrument is shipped ready for immediate use. The Xenon flash lamp has no warm-up time. Simply power it up and start measuring.
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