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Alto-i I Water Purification System

Avidity Science

Alto-i I Water Purification System

The Alto-i I Laboratory Water Purification System, from Avidity Science, is fully integrated to produce up to 2L/min of Type I ultrapure water. Real-time water quality and operating conditions are displayed on the dispensing interface.

  • Type I water up to 2 L/min
  • Specific cartridges for your critical applications
  • Data capture with printable option
  • Cartridge traceability with data tag
  • Interactive 7” touch screen
  • Flexible dispensing options
  • Drop by drop dispensing

Type 1 / Ultrapure Water Applications

Type I Water from the Alto-i I system meets or exceeds Type I water standards as specified by ASTM, CAP, ISO 3696, CLSI, JIS K0557 and high-purity water as described in USP, EP and ChP. Type I water is required for critical laboratory applications such as:

  • Analytical instrumentations: HPLC, UPLC, AA, ICP, LC-MS, GC-MS, ICP-MS, Ion Chromatography,
    Electrochemistry, Particle Counter, TOC Analysis
  • Life science instrumentations: PCR, DNA sequencing, electrophoresis
  • Preparations for cell culture, molecular biology and monoclonal antibody applications


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