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Puro-i III | RO Water Purification System

Avidity Science

Puro-i III | RO Water Purification System

The Puro™-i III RO Water Purification System, from Avidity Science, is fully integrated to produce up to 30L/hr of Type III water directly from tap water.

It dispenses Type III pure water at up to 2L/min from a flexible dispenser or at more than 2L/min directly from the reservoir.

Real-time water quality and operating conditions are displayed on the dispensing interface.

The compact dispensing stand on the Puro™-i III Water Purification System (28 x 30cm) offers true flexibility to users to maximize bench space utilisation and to locate the dispenser at the most convenient point of use in the laboratory.

  • Unique twin pass RO technology <10μS/cm, typical <5μS/cm if feed condition is <2000μS/cm)
  • Auto RO sanitisation
  • Interactive 7″ touch screen
  • Remote dispensing option for Type 3 water
  • Auto reservoir sanitisation option
  • Flexible pretreatment options for variable feedwater quality

Type 3 water is required for sensitive laboratory applications:

  • Microbiology media preparations
  • Final rinsing for most laboratory apparatus
  • As feed water for:
    – Type I ultrapure water systems
    – automated glassware washers
    – humidity chambers
    – sterilizers

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