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Vacuum Pump Repair and Maintenance Services

Vacuum pumps are crucial for scientific research. They create the correct environmental pressure for processes like distillation, freeze-drying, vacuum filtration, mass spectrometry, and electron microscopy.  Like any precise scientific equipment, your vacuum pump needs regular maintenance and occasional repairs. This ensures it operates properly and complies with industry regulations. Moreover, regular upkeep safeguards your investment and extends the pump’s lifespan.

Our Comprehensive Vacuum Pump Repair and Maintenance Services:

As an authorised agent for Edwards vacuum pumps and with expertise in servicing various other leading brands, Mason Technology offers specialised repair and maintenance services tailored to your needs. You can also opt for these services as part of an Annual Service Contract.

Experienced Technicians

Our skilled technicians have extensive experience diagnosing and repairing vacuum pumps. They undergo rigorous training to stay updated with the latest technology. Their expertise covers brands like Edwards, Leybold, Busch, Binder, Pfeiffer, Welch, and more.

Dedicated Workshop

Our fully equipped workshop in Dublin allows us to handle all repairs and maintenance locally. This means faster turnaround times, minimising downtime and ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted.

Genuine Parts

We use genuine replacement parts sourced directly from manufacturers. This guarantees the quality and reliability of our repairs. With a wide range of spare parts in our Dublin warehouse, we can offer quick turnaround times.

Service Exchange Models

If your vacuum pump cannot be repaired, you can purchase a new pump with a 1-year manufacturers warranty.

Preventive Maintenance

We offer preventive maintenance solutions tailored to your needs. This proactive approach identifies potential issues early, prevents costly breakdowns, and optimises your vacuum pump’s performance and longevity.

Expert Consultation

Our team provides expert advice on optimising your vacuum pump’s performance. We can visit your site to assess your vacuum pumps and determine if they need servicing.


All vacuum pumps come with a 6-month warranty covering any parts that fail, subject to standard terms and conditions.

How regular Vacuum Pump Maintenance will help you in your Research:

  • Efficiency: Proper maintenance ensures your vacuum pumps operate efficiently, leading to energy savings and improved productivity.
  • Reliability: Well-serviced vacuum pumps are less likely to break down unexpectedly, minimising costly downtime and disruptions.
  • Performance: Regular maintenance enhances your vacuum pump’s performance, ensuring consistent and accurate results in your research.
  • Protect Your Investment: Routine maintenance addresses minor issues early, preventing major malfunctions and extending your vacuum pump’s lifespan.

Trust Mason Technology for reliable Vacuum Pump Services

We are committed to delivering prompt, reliable, and cost-effective repair and maintenance solutions for your vacuum pumps. Whether you require routine servicing, emergency repairs, or expert consultation, trust us to keep your scientific research running smoothly.

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