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PFA579 lift floor scales

Mettler Toledo

PFA579 lift floor scales

The Mettler Toledo PFA579 lift floor scales offer excellent metrology, ruggedness, and handling in harsh industrial environments where regular cleaning is essential.

PFA579lift floor scales feature

  • Easy Handling: The ergonomic handle allows simple and uncomplicated opening and closing of the load plate from the side. The load plate is locked automatically – further locking is not necessary.
  • Rugged and Persistent: The reinforced load plate and the torsion-resistant tubular construction ensure maximum stability at a minimum height of only 80mm (standing directly on feet).
  • Outstanding Product Characteristics: High-quality stainless steel (e.g. load plate and frame AISI304 or AISI316), smooth–ground or pattern surface, welding in one go.


We calibrate test weights, balances, and scales up to and including 100 tonnes.  Calibrations are carried out in conjunction with industrial minimum weight testing and GWP Verification to meet full regulatory compliance requirements. Click here for more information.

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