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SWB605 PowerMount Weigh Modules

Mettler Toledo

SWB605 PowerMount Weigh Modules

The features of the Mettler Toledo SWB605 PowerMount weigh modules ensure correct scale system installation, right from the start.  With all safety built-in, the weigh modules do not compromise on safety. The rocker pin design provides the highest level of weighing accuracy.


SWB605 PowerMount Weigh Modules features

  • Integrated lift-off protection
  • Vertical safety down-stop
  • Full 360° integrated checking
  • Ground strap – welding protection
  • SafeLock™ – Weigh module locked for installation
  • SafeLock™ – Load cell protected for installation
  • Dual stabilizer option
  • All load cells with IP68/IP69K and fully stainless steel
  • Global approvals standard on each load cell
  • OIML C3/NTEP III M n:5, OIML C6/NTEP III M n:10 or C10
  • ATEX/IECEx Zone1/21 & 2/22 approval; FM Div1 & Div2 approval
  • Zinc plated or stainless steel mounting hardware
  • CalFree™ Plus: Precise calibration on a finger tip


Applications of the PowerMount Weigh Modules

  • Tank Weighing: SWB605 PowerMount weigh modules offer rugged construction and many features for easy installation and accurate and reliable tank weighing. Standard lift-off bolt copes with tipping forces while vertical safety down-stop provides additional safety.
  • Conveyors and Mixers: Weigh modules are also designed for dynamic-loading applications such as conveyors, mixers and blenders. SWB605 PowerMount TM provides 360° checking for ease of installation and maximum safety. The rocker pin restores the top plate to its ideal position to maintain accurate, repeatable weight.


We calibrate test weights, balances, and scales up to and including 100 tonnes.  Calibrations are carried out in conjunction with industrial minimum weight testing and GWP Verification to meet full regulatory compliance requirements. Click here for more information.

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