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Olympus DP23 Digital Microscope Camera

Evident Industrial Solutions (formerly Olympus)

Olympus DP23 Digital Microscope Camera

Smart Features, High-Quality Images

The DP23 digital microscope camera combines high image quality with precise color accuracy and convenient features to make your industrial inspection workflow easier. Providing advanced functions balanced with high value, the DP23 camera can perform almost any industrial imaging application.

Sharp Onscreen Inspection Images

The DP23 industrial digital microscope camera delivers high-quality HD onscreen images you can be confident in.

  • 6.4-megapixel CMOS image sensor captures HD images at 60 frames per second (fps)
  • Whether you’re showing samples on a monitor or a projector, the images on the screen look exactly as they appear through the microscope’s eyepieces
  • Sample images are sharp and clear, even if the stage is moving

Efficient Industrial Inspection Decision Making

The DP23 digital microscope camera enables fast, simple data sharing.

  • Display and share images, annotations, live measurements, and live analysis with colleagues using OLYMPUS Stream software or the camera’s DP28-AOU software with the network controller
  • Simpler solution than relying on email attachments to share results
  • Integrates with OLYMPUS Stream software’s offers advanced analysis functions to further streamline your workflow

View Inspection Images with Precise Colors

The DP23 camera’s color accuracy, powered by dedicated ICC profiles, shows your samples in their natural colors to more easily spot defects.

Find Component Defects Fast

See more of your sample at a glance thanks to the camera’s wide field of view up to FN25.

  • Spend less time scanning around the sample during the inspection and more time evaluating what you’re seeing on the screen
  • High resolution and large field number make it easy to view large structures on your sample
  • Save time by avoiding the time-consuming process of stitching smaller images together

Important Notice - Discountinuation of Olympus Stream

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