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iXM iXH iXL Series | Semiconductor Dry Pumps


iXM iXH iXL Series | Semiconductor Dry Pumps

Edwards‘ innovative range of semiconductor dry pumps brings you cutting-edge technology designed to enhance your semiconductor and electronics manufacturing environment. Each range has been specifically designed to bring you advantages in environmental performance, reliability in harsh conditions and agility in light-duty applications.


iXM series – low energy use, high performance

Edwards iXM low energy series semiconductor dry pumps can bring real process improvements with increased uptime, reduced environmental impact and cost benefits for your most critical applications.

  • Energy efficient roots mechanism can reduce input power by up to 60%, reducing environmental impact and lowering cost of ownership
  • Gas barrier technology and thermal design improvements enable 4x greater corrosion resistance than our previous series
  • Advanced powder handling features deliver maximum reliability and extended pump life for multi-layer etch processes
  • Reduced power consumption for CVD processes
  • Compact and lightweight design, combined with exceptionally low noise and vibration, gives you more versatility
  • The iXM series is available with XCEDE technology for enhanced corrosion resistance.


iXH series for harsh environments

The iXH dry pump range sets new standards for harsh process capability, reliability and lower cost of ownership.

  • Wide temperature range allows you to optimise the pump for minimal by-product accumulation from condensation and plating
  • iXH Mk2 dry pumps provide even longer service life on the harshest of processes and can provide significant improvements in power efficiency
  • Innovative pump seal technology can lengthen process life and reduce your leakage risks
  • Available with XCEDE technology for enhanced corrosion resistance.


iXL series for light-duty applications

The iXL series is a range of low-energy compact dry pumps for light-duty applications such as wafer handling, PVD, and metrology.

  • Fast chamber pump down and extremely low power usage
  • The iXL600(N) and iXL1000(N) dry pumps are among the smallest and quietest pumps available for light-duty applications
  • The iXL600M and iXL1000M variants are process-hardened and specially designed for dielectric (oxide) etch and other similar applications
  • The iXL600(N) and iXL1000(N) dry pumps feature high pumping speed and low energy consumption
  • The iXL900R is the fastest load-lock pump currently available in its class for FPD load-lock applications. Customers can significantly reduce their operating costs and installation times with this new pump, which is particularly well suited to the largest load-lock chambers used for plasma vapour deposition (PVD) applications. In addition, customers will need fewer pumps per load lock chamber, which reduces installation time, systemisation costs, maintenance and utility consumption.
  • A Green Mode allows reduced utility usage during idle periods, lowering costs and helping to improve your environmental performance.
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