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Whitley A20 Workstation

Don Whitley Scientific

Whitley A20 Workstation

The Don Whitley Scientific A20 Workstation is one of our smallest anaerobic workstations. It is exceptionally gas efficient and offers ideal conditions for handling, incubating, and examining samples without exposure to breathable oxygen. It maintains a sizable work area while supporting 240 x 90mm Petri dishes. And it can accommodate up to 270 plates for anaerobic incubation in an emergency.

The A20 is the ideal transition device from anaerobic jars to a workstation. It maintains the best anaerobic conditions because it has the same precise parameter control as our larger workstations. You can perform tasks inside the workstation and check your plates as frequently as you like without endangering your samples.

Two oval, multifunctional glove ports on this workstation serve as small airlocks and can each transfer 10 x 90mm Petri dishes as a user inserts their arms.

Additionally available is a side-loading letterbox entry system, which offers a simple means of speedily introducing individual samples into the workstation. The touch screen on the A20 gives the user an intuitive interface for simple control and use of the workstation.

This workstation is the modern replacement for the DG250 Workstation, which was been extremely popular among customers. This new model offers cutting-edge features like a touchscreen with full colour, remote access, data download (for traceability), and the option to monitor anaerobic and catalytic conditions.

This workstation can be used for both anaerobic and microaerobic applications simply by changing the gas supplies.

The Whitley A20 Workstation is a versatile and gas-efficient anaerobic workstation, capable of providing precise control over your samples’ growth environment. This model can hold up to 270 90mm Petri dishes and contains two oval multi-functional glove ports for transferring up to 10 plates at each insertion.

It also has a side-loading letterbox system for introducing individual samples, as well as features such as full-colour touch screen, remote access, data download and monitoring of anaerobic and catalyst conditions.

As the successor to the popular DG250 Workstation, the A20 is perfect for those wanting to take the next step up in sample processing and examination without exposure to atmospheric oxygen.

A20 Workstation Features:

  • Very compact footprint – takes up very little bench space but has the same precise control of parameters as our larger workstations.
  • A colour, touch-screen control panel for ease of use and for visual display of parameters such as temperature and humidity.
  • Low gas consumption – the A20 runs from two gasses (anaerobic mixed gas and nitrogen) for economic running costs.
  • Ideal for use as a personal workstation that can be moved if required (a bespoke trolley is available).
  • Ethernet-enabled for remote access to the touchscreen.
  • Includes an automatic commissioning cycle to save you time and resources.
  • Additional options include an integrated anaerobic conditions and catalyst monitoring system with a data download facility.
  • Cost comparisons undertaken by DWS show that it is significantly cheaper to operate a Whitley Workstation than it is to use jars.
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