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Excellence Density Meters

Mettler Toledo

Excellence Density Meters

Developed for a wide range of applications, Mettler Toledo‘s intuitive Excellence Density Meters will measure almost any sample. These instruments feature high accuracy and repeatability and can be further enhanced with automation and multiparameter solutions. Connection to the LabX™ PC software allows seamless processes and compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.


Excellence Density Meters overview

  • Simple One Click™ Operation: The One Click™ user interface enables users to start a complete workflow with one click including sampling, measuring, rinsing, drying, and SOPs.
  • Smart Error Detection: Measurements can be observed in real time via video, and sampling errors can be avoided with the automatic bubble detection algorithm.
  • Result Limits: Measurement limits can be set for color-coded pass/fail information for accepted and rejected samples.


Features of the Excellence Density Meters (D4, D5 & D6)

  • Automatic Temperature Control: The integrated Peltier temperature control quickly heats up or cools down the measurement cell, maintaining the sample reliably at the desired temperature.
  • User Management: Instrument settings can be personalized with shortcuts and the selected operator language. The user management system allows different levels of access to be defined, protecting critical data.
  • Seamless Modularity: A refractive index cell can be combined with the Excellence density meters to provide a space-saving system for applications where both density and refractive index values are required.
  • Status Light: The status light of the instrument shows if it is ready for a measurement (green), busy (blinking), or waiting for operator action (orange).
  • Automated Sampling, Rinsing and Drying: Automating workflows saves time, reduces costs and increases safety. They are compatible with a portfolio of autosamplers including solutions for single or multiple samples, and samples which are viscous or solid at room temperature
  • Upgradable System: The Excellence density meters can be upgraded into a dedicated automatic multi-parameter system combining density, refractive index, pH, color, and more to save time, increase data quality and prevent any alteration of samples between individual analyses.
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