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Standard EasyPlus™ Density Meters

Mettler Toledo

Standard EasyPlus™ Density Meters

The Mettler Toledo EasyPlus density meters are analytical devices that automatically measure the density of liquids. They provide everything you need for routine applications with a strikingly small footprint: fast measurements with automatic temperature control, small sample volumes, low operator dependency, and more. The simple user interface and robust yet compact design make these density meters ideal for scientists, technicians, or anyone who needs to measure density in the lab or on the factory floor.


EasyPlus Density Meters overview

  • Intelligently Simple: The intuitive app-based user interface and on-screen user guidance simplify daily tasks while minimizing operator errors and training time.
  • Reduce Measurement Errors: Measurements can be observed in real time via video while measurement errors are avoided with automatic bubble detection and viscosity correction.
  • Reliable QC results: Measurement limits can be set for color-coded identification of accepted and rejected samples.


Features of the Standard EasyPlus Density Meters (D30 & D40)

  • Automatic temperature control: The integrated Peltier temperature control quickly heats up or cools down the measurement cell, maintaining the sample reliably at the desired temperature.
  • Measurements within seconds: For faster processes, routine measurements can be quickly started by pressing and holding the home screen thanks to LongClick™ technology.
  • SimpleCheck™ Performance Verification: SimpleCheck™ certified standards ensure reliable instrument performance. The embedded workflow guides operators through the instruments’ performance verification.
  • Suitable for the Lab or Production Areas: Engineered with high-quality components and materials, the Easy D30 and the Easy D40 can withstand rough environments, and thanks to its compact size, it can fit anywhere.
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