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FiveGo Dissolved Oxygen Meter F4 – Standard Kit

Mettler Toledo

FiveGo Dissolved Oxygen Meter F4 – Standard Kit

With full GLP support and data transfer, the FiveGo Dissolved Oxygen Meter F4 is from the Mettler Toledo FiveGo™ range. Ergonomic, robust, and intuitive, the FiveGo™ portable meters offer a quality solution for your mobile applications in the laboratory, at-line and even outdoors. Get quality measurements of pH, conductivity, ORP or dissolved oxygen at a price that matches any budget.


FiveGo DO meter F4 overview

  • Measurement made easy: A large, well-structured display, intuitive button arrangement and simple menu ensure measurements can be performed in just a few clicks.
  • Ergonomic design for one-handed operation: Thanks to its ergonomic design, handling the FiveGo is comfortable. The foldable stand provides optimal viewing on flat surfaces.
  • IP67 Water and dustproof: The IP67 waterproof protection makes the FiveGo portables able to withstand wet and demanding environments.


Features of the FiveGo Dissolved Oxygen Meter F4

  • Compact Size: Measuring 188 x 77 x 33 mm, this instrument is perfectly compact, making it optimized for mobile use in the field.
  • Lightweight Design: Designed for one-handed operation, our FiveGo™ series weighs 0.26 kg, making it easy to transport during mobile measurements.
  • uGo™ Carrying Case: Provides ideal protection and proper fitting for the pH meter, sensor and all the accessories needed to perform regular measurements outdoors.
  • Large Display: The well-arranged screen with self-explanatory icons shows all information needed such as measurement data, sensor status and current calibration.
  • Ergonomic Design: Thanks to its ergonomic design, working with the FiveGo™ portables is a comfortable experience for both big and small hands. The foldable foot stand provides optimal viewing while situated on a lab bench.
  • Waterproof: The IP67 waterproof protection enables the FiveGo™ to withstand wet and demanding environments. With the compact carrying case FiveGo™ is the ideal partner for any outdoor measurement.


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