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Seven2Go Dissolved Oxygen Meter S4 – Standard Kit

Mettler Toledo

Seven2Go Dissolved Oxygen Meter S4 – Standard Kit

With full GLP support and data transfer, the Seven2Go Dissolved Oxygen Meter S4 is from the Mettler Toledo Seven2Go™ range.  These routine and professional portable meters are designed to meet your measurement and data management needs.  Mobile instruments, the Seven2Go range provide results quickly and reliably in the lab, at-line or outdoors. Find the right meter for your measuring needs in pH, conductivity, ORP, ion concentration and dissolved oxygen.


Seven2Go DO meter S4 Kit overview

  • Fast, quality data on the go: Seven2Go’s simplified menu, automatic sensor recognition and calibration reminder ensure users obtain high-quality data, fast.
  • Comfortable One-Handed Operation: Seven2Go’s easy-to-reach, hardkey buttons and sleek design ensure comfortable one-handed operation even under wet conditions and prolonged use.
  • Rugged investment that lasts: Seven2Go’s IP67 design, reduced weight and rugged uGo carrying case ensure a lasting instrument which provides reliable data even under harsh conditions.


Features of the Seven2Go Dissolved Oxygen Meter S4

  • Simple Menu – Intuitive Operation: Seven2Go’s new intuitive menu guarantees out-of-the-box operation for everyone. Users no longer need to study lengthy operating instructions
  • T-pad – Comfortable, Fast Navigation: Seven2Go’s new T-Pad improves the speed with which you move through menus. The smart button arrangement allows for faster navigation that gets you to the actual measurement quicker.
  • ISM® Ready – Less Chance of Error: Upon connection of any InLab ISM® (Intelligent Sensor Management) sensor, the instrument automatically recognises the sensor and stores the sensor ID, serial number, and last calibration data.
  • IP67 – Weatherproof and robust design: Thanks to its IP67 protection and drop test resistance, the new Seven2Go portables can withstand harsh and demanding environments.


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