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GCMS-QP2050 | Single Quadrupole GC-MS


GCMS-QP2050 | Single Quadrupole GC-MS

The next-generation Shimadzu GCMS-QP2050 gas chromatograph mass spectrometer, with its accumulation of impressive Shimadzu technology, will lead the way forward. New value is provided by hardware boasting astounding reliability and stability, and easy-to-operate software equipped with superior automated technology.


GCMS-QP2050 Overview

Minimum Maintenance, Maximum Progress
  • Contamination-Resistant Ion Optical System: A contamination-resistant ion optical system in the GCMS-QP2050 keeps the frequency of maintenance to a minimum while also enabling highly reliable measurements to be performed for an extended period.
  • Long-Life Filament with 1/5th the Conventional Replacement Frequency: The newly developed long-life filament has an operating life at least five times longer than conventional filaments. There are no concerns about re-analysis or downtime due to sudden filament burnout.
  • High Durability in Consecutive Analyses: The GCMS-QP2050, which boasts incomparable robustness, achieves extremely stable measurements, even during consecutive analyses of VOCs in water, by eliminating the effects of elution of the column bleed to the utmost limit.
Simple Operation, Confident Results
  • Ion Source Maintenance Takes Just One Minute: With the DuraEase ion source, the conventional ion source structure has been completely revised, in pursuit of more convenient maintenance. The ion source is disposable and no cleaning is required, so maintenance is finished in just one minute.
  • One-Touch GC Inlet Maintenance: The instrument is equipped as standard with a ClickTek™ nut, enabling the GC injection port to be attached or detached simply by manipulating a lever by hand, without tools.
  • Easy Startup and Shutdown from the Touch Panel: The vacuum system can be turned ON/OFF and Easy sTop* can be performed from the GC touch panel. Operations from a personal computer are not required, so maintenance of the GC injection port, column, and ion source can proceed with ease. * This function guides the user through the replacement of the GC injection port septum and glass insert without turning OFF the vacuum system.
One Instrument, Infinite Possibilities
  • Minimizing the Usage of Helium Gas: Using the included carrier gas save function makes it possible to reduce the amount of carrier gas used during analysis. Additionally, with the optional gas selector, the carrier gas can be switched from helium to nitrogen except during analysis, thereby minimizing helium gas consumption during standby.
  • Reliable Operation with Alternative Carrier Gases: Hydrogen and nitrogen, which cost less and are easier to acquire, can be used as the carrier gas. With its high-performance flow controller and a design that reduces the impact of the carrier gas, the GCMS-QP2050 can perform stable measurements using either gas without modifying the instrument configuration.
  • Remote System Access: The system can be operated from a personal computer or tablet on the network via a LAN connection. Additionally, analysis and instrument status can be checked while away from the laboratory.
  • Energy Savings: The GCMS-QP2050 is equipped with ecology mode, which can reduce power consumption. It is also recognized as Eco-Products Plus, Shimadzu’s proprietary recognition of environmentally friendly products. In addition to limiting analysis running costs, CO2 emissions are limited, thereby contributing to a carbon-free society.
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