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iMScope QT | Imaging Mass Microscope


iMScope QT | Imaging Mass Microscope

Inheriting the concept of a mass spectrometer equipped with an optical microscope from the iMScope series, the iMScope QT Imaging Mass Microscope is also Shimadzu‘s flagship model for MS imaging with a Q-TOF MS(LCMS-9030).

The iMScope QT boasts not only fusion with morphology studies but also excellent speed, sensitivity, and spatial resolution, clearing the way to next-generation mass spectrometry imaging.


iMScope QT Imaging Mass Microscope overview

Combined Analysis
  • Fusion of observations from an optical microscope with MS images (exclusive to Shimadzu)
  • MS images can be obtained flexibly and matched to observation images, either the entire image area or detailed portions of it.
Quantification and Distribution
  • Obtain qualitative and quantitative information from LC-MS as well as position information from mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) with a single instrument.
  • The combined system, which can perform LC-MS analysis in addition to MSI analysis, provides both distribution information and quantitative analysis.
High Resolution, Speed and Accuracy
  • Acquisition of accurate, high-speed, high-resolution MS images, together with efficient data analysis
  • Combination of the high-accuracy, high-speed LCMS-9030* with high-resolution mass spectrometry imaging
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