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Whitley Incubation Box

Don Whitley Scientific

Whitley Incubation Box

New from Don Whitley Scientific is the rectangular, transparent and stackable anaerobic ‘jar’. It can be used to create the perfect environmental conditions for the isolation and cultivation of anaerobic and microaerobic organisms and for cell culture applications.

The Whitley Incubation Box is ideal for use with the Whitley Jar Gassing System (evacuation/replacement method) or as a stand-alone system to use with gas generation sachets.

Because of the shape of the vessel, and as no connectors or valves protrude beyond the outer surface of the lid, Whitley Incubation Box’s can be stacked on top of each other inside an incubator or on the bench, saving valuable space. The main jar (without the lid in place and with no samples inside) can be nested with other empty jars so that work in progress takes up minimal space.

This anaerobic ‘jar’ will accommodate either 12-14 x 90mm Petri dishes or 5 x standard multi-well plates. The four latches used to open and close the box are attached to the lid so there are no loose parts to misplace.

The Whitley Incubation Box may be used to transfer items into and out of a Whitley Workstation and has been designed to fit through the 35-sized airlock and every larger Whitley airlock. This application is ideal when you want to move samples from one workstation to another and when you want to preserve your samples in modified atmospheric conditions while they continue to grow in an external incubator.

The design of the Whitley Incubation Box includes a safety valve, which ensures an appropriate level of vacuum is achieved without damaging the box itself. It is durable and lightweight and can be used to create multiple atmospheres.

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