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InMotion Karl Fischer Oven Autosampler

Mettler Toledo

InMotion Karl Fischer Oven Autosampler

The InMotion Karl Fischer Oven Autosampler provides precise and efficient Karl Fischer measurement performance. With a variety of innovative features and accessories, you can improve workflow efficiency and user safety. With improved productivity and an ergonomic space-saving design, it is the perfect instrument to have in the lab, in every industry.


Key features of the InMotion Karl Fischer Autosampler

  • Ergonomic Design:
    • Maximized throughput in minimum space: up to 26 samples on a 25 cm rack platform
    • One quick glance at the LED indicator lets you know if the instrument is running, needs your attention or is ready to run more samples.
    • Special design of the needle prevents it from bending and ensures safe cap perforation
    • Close the vial with the weighed sample easily and quickly with a one-piece screw cap
    • Customized racks can be specifically designed for your sample vials
  • Straightforward Sample Preparation: The innovative one-piece cap enables simple and fast sample prep with less chance of chemical exposure. Weigh your sample directly and fasten the screw cap to protect your sample from moisture and air contamination. Increase lab efficiency with less time spent preparing samples, and more time spent analyzing them.
  • Secure Gas Flow Control: The digital gas flow meter allows full control of the gas flow entering the titration cell. Once the flow rate is set, it cannot be changed and can be checked at a glance. The gas flow can either be generated with the air pump or controlled through the lab’s own gas line with the switch valve.


Overview of the of the InMotion Karl Fischer Autosampler

  • One Click® Water Analysis: The One Click user interface is optimized for direct access to routine tasks. One unique home screen for each user with their own shortcut buttons offers One Click access to all daily routines. It’s easy to feel right at home from the start, which reduces learning time and increases data security.
  • Save Precious Time: The Temperature Scan feature speeds up sample analysis by determining its optimum heating temperature. Record the substance’s heating curve and determine the optimal temperature in just a single run. When the ideal heating temperature of a substance is questionable, Temperature Scan provides the answer.
  • Double Efficiency in the Lab: The ability to connect a second Karl Fischer Autosampler to the Titration Excellence T7 or T9 saves time, space, and money. This feature brings the function of two titrators in one and maximizes flexibility in the lab to complete everyday tasks.
  • Ensure Reliable Results: Automatically change the lab’s solvents using the Solvent Manager on the Karl Fischer Autosampler. This feature exchanges the reagents according to operator instructions to achieve consistent and reliable results. It also improves user safety by limiting exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals.
  • Power the Bench with LabX: LabX offers many tools to optimize workflow and increase efficiency. The software anticipates the different demands of users thus offering you full flexibility in the workplace. All methods and series are stored in one database, no matter where the series was created.
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