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LCMS-2020 | Ultra Fast Liquid Chromatograph


LCMS-2020 | Ultra Fast Liquid Chromatograph

The Shimadzu LCMS-2020 is optimized for the Prominence UFLC/UFLCXR Ultra Fast Liquid Chromatograph. Novel patent-pending technologies offer significantly enhanced scan speed and positive-negative ion polarity switching time, which are essential for UFLC, and simultaneously boost sensitivity. The instrument combines the excellent compound selectivity that is a feature of the mass spectrometer with significantly enhanced total productivity – from method development to analysis. The LCMS-2020 plays a useful role in a range of fields, including the synthesis of compounds in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


LCMS-2020 features

  • UF Switching: To detect both positive and negative ions, analysis is performed while switching between the positive and negative ionization modes. The LCMS-2020 adopts patented high-voltage power supply technology (Patent: US7855355) to achieve an ultra-fast polarity switching time of just 15 msec.
  • UF sensitivity: Superior sensitivity, repeatability, and linearity are achieved, thanks to the newly developed Qarray® optics.
  • UFscanning: In MS scanning, a range of mass to charge ratios are determined in successive 0.1 m/z steps. This is controlled by applying a rapidly changing voltage to the quadrupole (quadrupole rods). By adopting Shimadzu’s proprietary scanning technology (Patent: US8188426), high ion transmission is achieved without sacrificing sensitivity or resolution, even during high-speed scans up to 15,000 u/sec. Very narrow UFLC peaks can now be properly detected in scan mode acquisition.
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