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LCMS-9030 | Quadrupole Time-of-Flight LC-MS


LCMS-9030 | Quadrupole Time-of-Flight LC-MS

The Shimadzu LCMS-9030 quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) mass spectrometer is a powerful instrument that integrates the world’s fastest and most sensitive quadrupole technology with TOF capabilities for accurate mass measurement.

The LCMS-9030 provides superior sensitivity for quantitative and qualitative analysis of samples over a wide concentration rane, including ultra-trace compounds. Patented technologies ensure high resolution and excellent mass measurement accuracy (MMA), supporting structure elucidation and identification of unknown compounds. High throughput is achieved with Shimadzu’s unique acceleration technologies designed for high-speed data acquisition.


LCMS-9030 features

High-Efficiency Quadrupole Technologies
  • UFaccumulation™ (Pat. US 10020181): Ion accumulation in the collision cell, synchronized perfectly with short cycles of data acquisition, maximizes sensitivity.
  • UFgrating™ (Pat. US 9048082): Shimadzu’s world-class manufacturing capability has enabled the ion acceleration electrode to be made with substantial mechanical strength. This grating is able to withstand the high voltages needed for ultrafast ion pulsing.
  • UF-FlightTube™ (Patent Pending): Mass accuracy needs mass stability. Shimadzu’s temperature-controlled UF-FlightTube requires less frequent calibration, enabling you to run more samples.
  • iRefTOF™ (Pat. US 8772708, 9490114): A computationally ideal electrostatic field has become a reality. Meticulously manufactured plate electrodes are stacked to create a reflectron which turns ions with no compromise in resolution or sensitivity.
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