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i-Series Plus | High Performance Liquid Chromatograph


i-Series Plus | High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Amid increasing calls for improved work efficiency and a more flexible working style, ideas of LC analysis are changing. The time has come for an HPLC that delivers rugged, reliable results with less frequent interaction by the analyst. The new, integrated Shimadzu i-Series LC system maintains the excellent performance of its predecessor while addressing the need for automation efficiency.


i-Series Plus features

  • Innovative: Remote instrument operation and monitoring allow analyses to be performed remotely, thereby reducing the time spent in the laboratory.
  • Intelligent: Software integration ensures both data reliability and improved work efficiency.
  • Intuitive: Intuitive operation ensures an efficient workflow.


i-Series Plus lineup

  • HPLC model : LC-2050 series (pressure resistance 50 MPa): Three types of detector setup (UV, PDA, detector-less) are available to suit your analysis methods and aims. In addition, we provide models both with oven cooling functions (C model) and without.
  • UHPLC model : LC-2060 series (pressure resistance 70 MPa): This is our 70 MPa UHPLC model. The method transfer system provides excellent support for running UHPLC and HPLC methods on one device.


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