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LC-2030C NT | HPLC System


LC-2030C NT | HPLC System

The Shimadzu LC-2030C NT HPLC system is an integrated high-performance liquid chromatography system which prioritizes easy-to-use features for a smooth analysis experience. The intuitive touch-screen interface and stable column performance over many continuous injections ensure reliable data every time, whether you are an HPLC beginner or an expert.

Column replacement is a breeze with the Shim-pack™ NT-ODS slide-in column. Simply slot the monolithic column into place and it connects automatically, with no need for any tools and no risk of human error.

Remote data monitoring allows more flexibility in scheduling and work from home possibilities.


LC-2030C NT HPLC System features

  • Intuitive to operate: Hardware and software advances in HPLC over recent years have led to a fully-automated analysis cycle as standard. However, column installation has remained a manual step requiring user know-how. With the LC-2030C NT we introduce a dedicated slide-in column, the Shim-pack NT-ODS. The user can simply insert this column into the front slot and it will be automatically incorporated into the flow path. Analysis can then be begun from the LCD touch panel. The whole procedure can be carried out by staff without specific training. Equipment status and chromatograms can be monitored from outside the lab during analysis, and data results can be processed remotely through a networked PC, opening up more possibilities for flexible workplace.
  • Consistent data between users: Column connections can affect the shape of chromatograms, either through small differences between users or human error. Since the Shim-pack NT-ODS is connected automatically by the instrument, there is no need to worry about these possible effects.
  • Stable column performance over a large number of samples: The dedicated Shim-pack NT-ODS is a monolithic-type column. The packing state of its separation medium is maintained over a long continuous analysis, whereas a particle-type column may deteriorate. The Shim-pack NT-ODS therefore provides long-term stability even over a large number of continuous injections.
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