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Nexera lite inert | High Performance Liquid Chromatograph


Nexera lite inert | High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

The analysis of proteins such as antibody drugs requires careful operation because a high-salt mobile phase sometimes corrodes the system. In addition, the adsorption of proteins to metal surfaces often results in poor chromatographic performance.​

Providing the same expandability and superior performance advantages of the Nexera series HPLC Systems, the Shimadzu Nexera lite inert is the ideal solution for addressing challenges related to metal-adsorption that compromise quantitative accuracy, sensitivity, or separation and mobile phases that cause system durability problems. It is a robust HPLC system that eliminates the risk of corrosion by high-salt mobile phases and sample adsorption onto metal surfaces with a maximum pressure tolerance of 20 MPa. It also improves the data quality of protein analysis in biological samples with superior reproducibility, without any special considerations for stable and long-term use. ​


Nexera lite inert features

  • Improved Data Reliability by Preventing System Corrosion by Halogenic Salt: Aggregates of antibody drugs show immunogenicity and cause a decrease in the purification efficiency and production. Therefore, an aggregation test is one of the most critical evaluations when manufacturing biopharmaceuticals and controlling their quality.
  • Superior Retention Time Stability by Highly Accurate Solvent Delivery: Nexera lite inert provides good repeatability of retention time because the solvent delivery unit LC-40i of Nexera lite inert can deliver mobile phases accurately.
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Mobile Phase pH: The pH Monitor, pHM-40, continuously monitors and records the pH of the mobile phase. The pH and detector chromatograms are saved within the same data file and can be overlapped, ensuring efficient data traceability.
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