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Nexera XS inert | Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph


Nexera XS inert | Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

For many biopharmaceuticals and medium-molecule drugs, it can be difficult to acquire reliable data using a typical HPLC system, due to adsorption caused by interactions with metal ions. That tendency is particularly true for molecules that contain phosphates, carbonyl groups, or other characteristic elements or functional groups, the adsorption of which can affect analysis in various ways, such as by causing poor peak shape or inadequate sensitivity. Therefore, to increase the sensitivity and accuracy of analysis, it is important to inhibit the adsorption of compounds to the system.

In addition to the standard Shimadzu Nexera models made with stainless steel for excellent pressure resistance, broad applicability, and robustness, a new bioinert model has been added to the Nexera series product line. Nexera XS inert UHPLC systems achieve a 105 MPa pressure capacity while inhibiting adsorption to metals by using PEEK or ceramic materials in flow channels where samples flow. They also offer excellent resistance to corrosion and a broad range of pH levels, meaning they can be operated reliably using mobile phases that contain high haloid salt concentrations or have extreme pH levels.


Nexera XS inert features

  • Adsorption Inhibited and Detection Sensitivity Improved: The Nexera XS inert prevents target component recovery rates from decreasing by inhibiting adsorption caused by interactions between metal ions and proteins, nucleic acids, or other components. As a result, the Nexera XS inert system can detect phosphorylated peptides and other molecules with a strong tendency to adsorb to metals.
  • Improved Peak Shape and Separation: The Nexera XS inert uses unique proprietary technology that minimizes exposure to metal ions on internal surfaces. That inhibits adsorption of target molecules within sample flow channels, ensures good peak shape, and provides excellent separation.
  • Consistent Analysis Reproducibility: In order to reduce the effect of adsoprtion of metal-sensitive compounds, a system is often passivated by repeatedly injecting samples that contain the target compounds before starting data acquisition. However, this approach not only wastes valuable samples and time, but can make it extremely difficult to acquire reliable data due to changes in the state of passivation during continuous analysis. Nexera XS inert systems eliminate the need for the preliminary passivation and provide highly reliable data from the first injection and throughout the analytical session.
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