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AXIMA Confidence | MALDI Floor Standing Instrument


AXIMA Confidence | MALDI Floor Standing Instrument

AXIMA Confidence overview

  • The Shimadzu AXIMA Confidence has powerful MALDI-TOF performance for reliable mass information and MS/MS derived structural detail.
  • Linear mode allows the interrogation of high molecular weight samples, whilst reflectron mode, incorporating the patented curved-field reflectron (CFR), provides the high resolution and mass accuracy necessary for successful proteomics and life science experiments.
  • High sensitivity system using a variable repetition rate 50 Hz N2 laser and a variety of target formats to meet all sample throughput requirements.
  • An affordable robust option for all laboratories requiring routine manual or automated analysis of a wide variety of sample classes.
  • Excellent sensitivity is achieved using near-axis laser irradiation and advanced ion optics for enhanced ion transmission.
  • MS/MS may be easily performed using a seamless approach – ions of interest can be isolated using a precursor ion selection device, incorporated as standard, and data-rich fragment ion spectra quickly and simply acquired.The newly improved curved field reflectron design augments the low mass fragment region providing useful additional information.


Shimadzu AXIMA Confidence features and benefits

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