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MALDImini-1 Digital Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer


MALDImini-1 Digital Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

Despite its light and compact shape, the MALDImini-1 from Shimadzu allows high-sensitivity MSn measurements, making it suitable for a large number of applications.

Key features of the MALDImini-1 

“Minimum” footprint
Until now, devices for MSn have had strenuous installation requirements, but the MALDImini-1’s compact size and power requirements make it easy to install almost anywhere. Easy access to the instrument allows users to quickly acquire data and check their results, creating a more convenient workfow right on the bench.

“Minimum” time
MALDI lends itself to quick analysis through simple sample preparation and acquisition. Once the sample is loaded, users can acquire a spectrum in a few minutes at the click of a button.
With such a smooth and quick setup, it is possible to carry out detailed structural analyses in a very short time span.

“Minimum” sample volume
By combining a MALDI ion source with Digital Ion Trap (DIT) technology, it is possible to carry out high-sensitivity MS and MSn analysis even on micro-quantity samples. Not only can the mass of various molecules be checked, but it is also possible to carry out a wide range of analyses such as identifying proteins and investigating the structure of glycans and glycopeptides.

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