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Melting Point System MP90

Mettler Toledo

Melting Point System MP90

Optimised for highest throughput, the Mettler Toledo Melting Point System MP90 offers simultaneous determination of up to 6 melting point/melting range samples up to a maximum temperature of 400°C/750°F.


Melting Point System MP90 overview

  • Simple One Click™ Operation: The One Click™ user interface enables users to start measurements with a single click of the button.
  • Colour video recording: With the high-resolution on-screen video, measurements can be observed in real time or conveniently replayed to verify the results.
  • Trusted performance: With the automatic detection of transmission intensity, highly accurate melting points or melting range temperatures are obtained.


Features of the Melting Point System MP90

  • Comprehensive and intuitive operation: The large colour display and touch screen with the intuitive One Click™ user interface minimizes training and operator influence. Quick familiarization is guaranteed with the common user interface for all Analytical Laboratory instruments.
  • Maximum efficiency: Simultaneous measurement of up to 6 samples saves valuable time and effort. Short heating and cooling times allow more analyses to be performed in a shorter period of time.
  • Fast and accurate sample preparation: The accessory box contains all the tools you require for correct sample preparation and handling. The innovative sample preparation tool simplifies the filling process and allows simultaneous insertion of multiple capillaries.
  • Conformity with current standards: Full support to comply with the relevant international and national norms and standards, such as Ph. Eur., USP, ChP, and JIS is ensured.
  • User Management: Instrument settings can be personalized with shortcuts and the selected operator language. The user management system allows different levels of access to be defined, protecting critical data.
  • Data integrity and traceability: LabX® PC software conveniently manages measurement results, offers full support to comply with the 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, and enables a smooth and seamless LIMS/SAP integration.
  • Quick and simple calibration: Pre-programmed calibration and adjustment routines are available on the instrument. For instrument performance verification, the ready-to-use VPac™ verification kit is offered, containing prefilled capillaries of certified reference substances
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