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DP23M | Monochrome Digital Camera

Evident Life Science (Olympus Scientific Solutions)

DP23M | Monochrome Digital Camera

The cost-effective Evident DP23M monochrome digital camera makes it easy to capture high-quality fluorescence images. Simplify checking fluorescence protein expression and routine fluorescence imaging and documentation.


DP23M microscope monochrome digital camera overview

The camera’s sensitivity and resolution deliver bright fluorescence images, even for dim samples.

  • See subtle and small details: the backside illuminated monochrome CMOS sensor with 2 × 2 binning and Olympus Smart Image Averaging produce high signal-to-noise ratio images
  • Use with popular near-infrared dyes: the broad 400 nm to 1000 nm spectral range enables you to use NIR dyes with reduced endogenous sample background fluorescence
  • More than fluorescence: the camera’s 6.4-megapixel resolution and fast frame rate support high-resolution phase contrast, inversion contrast, and differential interference contrast imaging


Simplified Support – Camera, Software, and Hardware from Evident

Combine the DP23M camera with a CKX53 microscope and cellSens software for an easy-to-use solution for routine cell culture monitoring and expression checks. Weak fluorescence signals from a range of dyes can be viewed clearly thanks to the camera’s advanced technology and use of the same high-performance filter cubes found on Olympus microscopes. As a fully integrated solution from Olympus, support is just a call away.



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