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Refractometer 30PX – Portable Refractometer

Mettler Toledo

Refractometer 30PX – Portable Refractometer

Developed for a wide range of applications, from checking the sugar concentration in beverages or the hydrocarbon content in motor fuels, Mettler Toledo‘s portable refractometers such as the Refractometer 30PX return accurate and precise results within seconds, displayed in the units of measurement needed.

This handheld digital refractometer line can be used on a flat surface or can be dipped directly into the sample for quick and simple measurements.


Refractometer 30PX overview

  • Quick and error-free: Place a few drops of sample on the cell, push the button, and read the final result with the temperature directly in the required measurement units.
  • An instrument on the go: Take measurements easily anywhere you go with our practical carrying cases.
  • Compliant data management: Store and keep track of up to 1100 results on your instrument and print or transfer them to your PC.


Features of the Mettler Toledo Portable Refractometers

  • Accurate results: The Refracto handheld refractometer determines the temperature of the sample automatically and corrects the refractive index to a standard temperature of 20 °C – or any other user-defined temperature. This ensures accurate results, no matter the environment.
  • Simple and straightforward: Operation is easy and efficient with the simple keyboard and menu structure. Results are clearly displayed on the backlit LCD screen. The Refracto handheld refractometer stores up to 1100 results and includes information such as sample ID, measurement unit, date and time, and more.
  • Data management made easy: Results can be viewed directly on the portable refractometer. For even more flexibility, export your results from the Refracto to EasyDirect™ Density and Refractometry PC Software. Review and filter your results on the computer with just a few clicks and create graphs to monitor samples over time for better process control. Print reports from the software or directly from the instrument.
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