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Refractometer Easy R40

Mettler Toledo

Refractometer Easy R40

Designed to bring simplicity to your operation, the compact Mettler Toledo EasyPlus Refractometers, including the Refractometer Easy R40, are suitable for a variety of industries, whether in your lab or near your production line. Ensure fast and precise measurements with an accuracy of 4 decimal places and automatic temperature control.

The Refractometer Easy R40 offers fast measurements, a wide temperature control range from 10 to 65°C and pre-programmed concentration tables and functions. A compact and robust design makes this instrument suitable for the lab or near the production area.


Refractometer Easy R40 overview 

  • Intelligently Simple: The intuitive app-based user interface and on-screen user guidance simplify daily tasks while minimising operator errors and training time.
  • Drop and Go: Measurements can be started immediately after dropping the sample, without pressing any buttons using FastStart™ technology.
  • Reliable QC Results: Measurement limits can be set for colour-coded identification of accepted and rejected samples.


Features of the Refractometer Easy R40

  • Automatic temperature control: The integrated Peltier temperature control quickly heats or cools the measurement cell, reliably maintaining the sample at the desired temperature.
  • SimpleCheck™ Performance Verification: SimpleCheck™ certified standards ensure reliable instrument performance. The embedded workflow guides operators through the instruments’ performance verification.
  • Suitable for the Lab or Production Area: Engineered with high-quality components and materials, the Easy R40 can withstand rough environments and can be placed anywhere thanks to its compact size.


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