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UV-3600i Plus | UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer


UV-3600i Plus | UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer

UV-3600i Plus, the Multi-purpose large-sample compartment and the Integrating sphere attachment also feature three detector, enabling the high-sensitivity measurement of solid samples. LabSolutions UV-Vis is a next-generation Shimadzu UV control software pursuing efficiency of analysis. LabSolutions UV-Vis software with easy-to-use is included as standard.


UV-3600i Plus overview

  • Perfect for a Wide Variety of User Applications: Spectral evaluation functionality enables unique pass/fail judgments for quality control. During measurements, data can be automatically sent to Excel in real time for using macros to automatically obtain desired values.
  • Highest Sensitivity in Class with Three Detectors: The UV-3600i Plus provides precise transmittance or reflectance measurements in the ultraviolet to near-infrared regions. The level of sensitivity in the near-infrared region is significantly enhanced by using the combination of an InGaAs detector and a cooled PbS detector for this region. Spectra can be obtained without interruption for the entire range, with a high level of sensitivity and precision.
  • High Resolution, Ultra-Low Stray Light, and Wide Measurement Wavelength Range: The UV-3600i Plus is equipped with a high-performance, grating-grating double monochromator, and achieves a low stray-light level with high resolution. The wavelength range is 185 to 3,300 nm. This instrument can perform spectrophotometry for various types of samples, ranging from those requiring high resolution, such as gas samples, to highly concentrated liquid samples.
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