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TA.HDplusC Texture Analyser

Stable Micro Systems

TA.HDplusC Texture Analyser

The Stable Micro Systems TA.HDplusC is the instrument of choice for testing with forces up to 750kg.f(7.5kN). The TA.HDplusC is commonly employed to measure and quantify fundamental, empirical and imitative tests in both compression and tension, covering those relating to texture analysis, materials properties as well as effects of rheology of solid, semi-solid viscous liquid, powder and granulate materials.


Why choose a TA.HDplusC texture analyser

  • High-force universal testing: The TA.HDplusC is the instrument of most universal application for testing with forces up to 750kg.f (7.5kN) whilst having the ability to host a family of intelligent, factory-calibrated loadcells down to 0.5kg. It is therefore commonly employed to measure and quantify fundamental, empirical and imitative tests in both compression and tension from gel testing through to high-force materials testing applications.
  • Precision testing: It is as perfect for light force as it is for heavy-duty testing – it can perform precision testing to a few grams without compromising accuracy, whilst providing the required rigidity to accommodate measurements of considerably higher force for heavy duty applications.
  • Speed range up to 20mm/second: With a speed range of up to 20mm/second all of your stress and strain testing is taken care of with a range of cycling, flexure, constant strain and stress relaxation tests.
  • Future-proof: The greater testing bed area and height range offer the ability to test much larger samples within a twin column frame, making this instrument the obvious choice for users testing a wide range of products, or for those who have an uncertain future product testing requirements.
  • Built to last: Coupled with easy-to-use Exponent Connect software, this versatile instrument is extraordinarily well-engineered for long-term reliability and accuracy.
  • Run on any device: All Stable Micro Systems Connect series Texture Analysers are capable of operation by the standard equipment Touchscreen Interface as well as by a desktop or laptop PC. In addition, they may also be operated from a mobile phone or tablet using the Browser Interface.


TA.HD plusC technical specification

  • Force capacity: 750kg.f (7.5kN)
  • Force resolution: 0.1g
  • Loadcells: 0.5, 5, 30, 50, 100, 250, 500, 7500kg.f
  • Speed range: 0.01 – 20mm/s
  • Maximum aperture: 550mm
  • Distance resolution: 0.001mm
  • Data acquisition rate: 2000pps
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