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Webinar: Dissolved Oxygen in Biopharma

Discover the why and the how of Dissolved Oxygen control strategies in this Mettler Toledo live webinar.

24th October

Weighing Processes webinar

Online Webinar

1 hour duration at 2pm GMT

Dissolved Oxygen Control Strategies in Biopharma


Dissolved oxygen levels in an aerobic fermentation or cell culture broth is one of the critical key variables in upstream biomanufacturing.

Through the Krebs Cycle, cells put DO to use in the catabolism which fuels their reproduction, maintenance and anabolism in general, and in anabolism itself as building blocks. Usually, a precise optimal DO profile needs to administered and maintained throughout the runs to maximize product titers and yields.


If the cells are deprived of adequate DO, their anabolism is impaired and thus product levels fail to reach their peak. On the other hand, too much DO surrounding the cells results in the excess formation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), which eventually leads to metabolic inhibition in the cells’ protein synthesis machinery and therefore reduced product yields.


For decades, bioprocess engineers have recruited in-line DO sensors into their Process Analytical Technologies to monitor and govern their fermenters via biocontrollers. In this live webinar, we will explore why and how DO control strategies benefit from competent in-line DO sensing technologies along with other cutting-edge sensor technologies that are continuously improving the abilities of biocontrollers to maintain desired fermentation conditions.


The talk will be followed by a Q&A session with the presenter.




Dr. Ehsan Mahdinia, METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics

Ehsan holds a Ph.D. in Microbiological Engineering awarded by the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department of the Pennsylvania State University. He holds a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology from the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering of the Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran. Previously, he was Director of the Masters of Biomanufacturing & Bioprocessing program at the Stack Family Center for Biopharmaceutical Education & Training (CBET), where he also helped lay the foundation as one of the founding faculty members for CBET. Ehsan, simultaneously served as an Assistant Professor at the Departments of Basic & Clinical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Dr. Mahdinia also worked as Associate Editor for the Journal of Molecular Biotechnology-Springer.


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