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Mason Technology appointed distributor for NuWave Sensors in Ireland

Mason Technology is delighted to announce its appointment as the exclusive distributor in Ireland for the NuWave Sensors LumAir and GlanAir product ranges. This partnership marks an exciting development in the field of monitoring solutions for airborne pathogens, controlled environments, and indoor air quality.

NuWave Sensors is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative monitoring solutions catering to controlled environments where maintaining contamination control is of utmost importance. Their state-of-the-art products are vital for sectors such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, medical devices, food, packaging, and research. With real-time data capture and a custom software platform, NuWave Sensors provides invaluable insights to aid in the rapid diagnosis and management of contamination events.

The GlanAir CEMS (Controlled Environment Monitoring System) offers automated, real time contamination monitoring.  Designed primarily for controlled environments, including ISO-8 regulated cleanrooms and production facilities, GlanAir enables accurate detection of particles in an environment. Additionally, it measures pressure variations between two locations.

The LumAir APMS (Airborne Pathogen Monitoring System) provides 24-7 monitoring, detection, and analysis of pathogenic threats. By replacing traditional spot-checking and costly off-site analysis, LumAir offers healthcare facilities and specialised environments like cleanrooms and research facilities a comprehensive solution for pathogen management.

Commenting on the new partnership, Mason Technology Sales Manager Patrick Healy commented, ‘the air monitoring solutions available from NuWave Sensors will complement our existing product range and allow us to offer our customers cutting-edge technology that transforms the way they monitor and safeguard their environment.’

CEO at NuWave Sensors, Lisa Ainsworth said “We are proud to be working in partnership with Mason Technology as the leading provider of high-quality scientific solutions across Ireland. Together we have a shared vision for the role of data and technology to transform Environmental Monitoring and contamination control in specialist facilities.”

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Check out the full range of NuWave Sensors monitoring solutions available from Mason Technology 

  • LumAir: The LumAir™️ Airborne Pathogen Monitoring System (APMS) provides 24-7 monitoring, detection, and analysis of pathogenic threats, transforming traditional spot-checking and costly off-site analysis.
  • GlanAir: The GlanAir CEMS provides automated 24-7 monitoring to verify acceptable particle ranges in controlled environments and cleanrooms. The system provides a real-time alarm in the event of a particle spike or contamination threat.
  • AirSentric: A complete Indoor Air Quality monitoring solution for commercial buildings with a range of sensing options so that you can monitor what matters in the building.

For further information: 

Patrick Healy is a sales manager in our General laboratory and Life Science Division with specialist knowledge of the NuWave Sensors range of products including their controlled monitoring environment systems and their airborne pathogen monitoring system.  Get in touch with Patrick today if you would like further information.

Patrick Healy, Mason TechnologyPatrick Healy
Sales Manager for General Laboratory & Life Science
E:      phealy@masontec.ie
M:     +353 87 995 9701
DD:   +353 1 4154414

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