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Whitley A155 HEPA Workstation

Don Whitley Scientific

Whitley A155 HEPA Workstation

With the Don Whitley Scientific A155 HEPA Workstation, you can operate a wide range of laboratory equipment or carry out specialised tasks in a strictly regulated anaerobic environment. This workstation has two airlocks and a 1,800 litre capacity.

Because of its large capacity, this workstation can hold a wide range of laboratory instruments, including spiral platers such as the Whitley WASP Touch, high throughput bio-reactors, cell sorters, and colony pickers. Equipment may be moved into and out of the chamber much more easily thanks to the two removable fronts.

The Whitley Internal HEPA Filtration System on the Whitley A155 HEPA lowers particle counts inside the chamber to levels exceeding ISO 14644 Class 3 criteria. Hundreds of times per hour, the entire atmosphere is passed through the filter, ensuring efficient cleaning of the chamber environment. The DWS filters are located inside the workstation, which stops them from becoming damp and losing their effectiveness.

This anaerobic workstation has two deep airlocks, one at each end, that may be independently operated and complete a cycle in under 60 seconds. Each airlock can hold ten Duran 500ml bottles.

A bespoke trolley with storage is included with the Whitley A155 HEPA.

Whitley A155 HEPA Workstation Features:

  • Two removable fronts enable the transfer of larger batches of samples or pieces of equipment for use inside the chamber.
  • Patented oval ports enable you to work comfortably, gloved or bare-handed.
  • Each port includes an isolator switch so that you can use one port at a time if required. The fact that there are two sets of ports means that two researchers can work in the chamber side-by-side.
  • Colour, touch-screen control panel for ease of use and for visual display of parameters such as temperature, humidity, and airlock cycle status.
  • Two new options are available: a rotating turntable (up to 3 per shelf) to hold up to 80 x 90mm Petri dishes; and a movable platform to facilitate the movement of heavy items of equipment inside the chamber.
  • Other options include a double internal power socket, front loading single sample entry system, cable glands, shelves with optional storage trays, Anaerobic Conditions Monitor and data logging.
  • A fully comprehensive maintenance and breakdown contract is also available to prolong the life of your investment. (Note: different arrangements apply in different countries).
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