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Whitley H45 Hypoxystation

Don Whitley Scientific

Whitley H45 Hypoxystation

The Don Whitley Scientific H45 Hypoxystation provides the facility to mimic in vitro conditions, providing a continuous cell culture environment that eliminates cellular stress linked to variations in temperature, pH levels and oxidation, yielding better cell lines.

You can now control O2 in 0.1% increments up to 20%; CO2 in 0.1% increments up to 15%; and relative humidity up to 80%. This provides flexibility in your research and confidence in your results.

This hypoxic chamber has two sleeved ports on a removable front and one instant access port, and has sufficient space to accommodate a variety of equipment inside the chamber, whilst still providing a generous working and incubation area.

The H45 is also available as an H45 HEPA, equipped with the Whitley Internal HEPA Filtration System. All the atmosphere inside the chamber passes through the filter hundreds of times an hour, which ensure the chamber environment is cleaned quickly.

If you need to aspirate biological liquid waste from inside the chamber, order with a Vacuum Take-off Port and the Whitley AsPROvac for the perfect package.

Applications for this instrument include cancer research, IVF, stem cell research, cardiovascular research, as well as many other types of cell and tissue culture work.

An ideal solution for Seahorse Analyzer users is to purchase the H45 along with the new Whitley i2 Instrument Workstation. These two workstations can be connected via the Whitley Transfer Tunnel, enabling preparation of cell lines under hypoxic conditions and their transfer directly into the i2 without exposure to air.

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