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Microscopy Technical Training Series

Topics covered in our Microscopy Technical Training Videos

  • Parfocality Alignment: How to set up parfocality in your Olympus microscope
  • Köhler Illumination: How to establish uniform illumination with your Olympus microscope
  • Microscope Ergonomics: How to set up an Olympus microscope ergonomically
  • Light Intensity Management: How to setup the light intensity manager on an Olympus microscope
  • Microscope Polarisation for Clinical Applications: How to use polarisation on an Olympus microscope.
  • Microscope Measurement Options: Optical and digital measurement options for Olympus microscope users
  • Microscope Objective Cleaning: How to clean your Olympus microscope objectives
  • Microscope Objective Terminology: How to interpret the symbols on Olympus microscope objectives

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Olympus Microscopy Technical Training Series available On-Demand

With over 30 years’ experience in delivering end-user training on Olympus microscopes, our microscope specialists are routinely presented with some very common questions when delivering microscopy technical training.  As the answers are visual and not obvious in any user manual, they often require a site visit. To address this, we have put together a series of short technical training videos of the most common questions where we visually guide you through the answers.

These microscope technical training videos should also be useful to anyone currently researching the purchase of a microscope, as they explain optical terminology and why components are used for specific applications.

Covering topics such as parfocality alignment, ergonomics, measurement options, and objective cleaning, this series of 8 short videos gives microscope users a quick visual best practice guide for the alignment, operation, purchasing and maintenance of a microscope. While created using Olympus microscopes, the messages contained in these videos are transferrable across all microscope brands and should be of benefit to all microscopy users.

As sole distributors for Olympus microscopes in Ireland, our technical sales consultants and service engineers have a depth of experience in specifying, installing, and maintaining Olympus microscopes.  All our team members have received manufacturer training from Olympus experts based at the Olympus European Headquarters in Hamburg.

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