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BUCHI launches the new 50 L Rotavapor® R-250 Pro

50 L Rotavapor® R-250 Pro

BUCHI optimises safety and durability of industrial evaporation with new 50 L Rotavapor R-250 Pro

With the launch of the Rotavapor R-250 Pro, BUCHI Labortechnik AG introduces an update of the industrial evaporation unit with the capacity of a 50-litre evaporation flask. The new BUCHI Rotavapor R-250 Pro offers a unique operating concept, the proverbial high BUCHI quality, many safety features and a robust design to improve demanding workflows in large-scale rotary evaporation. Conveniently, the interface from the benchtop Rotavapor® R-300 to the industrial 20-liter R-220 Pro and the new R-250 Pro remains the same, so scaling up has never been easier.

Like all BUCHI rotary evaporators, the newest member of the proven evaporator family features the same level of robustness, Swiss quality and ease of use, delivering superior performance regardless of the scale of evaporation requirements. “The Rotavapor® R-250 Pro is at the forefront of advanced technology with features that increase automation and ease of use to make industrial evaporation safer and more reliable,” said Ralph Unternaehrer, product manager for industrial evaporators.

“The newly developed Open Interface and BUCHI Cloud Services enable remote control and monitoring of the Rotavapor® via a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device. Convenient push notifications with key process parameters, predictive maintenance, effortless firmware updates and data logging options improve the user experience and minimize the risk of errors and downtime. Thanks to BUCHI sensor technology, consisting of a foam sensor, a level sensor and a cooling temperature sensor, unattended distillations are also possible, contributing to maximum user safety.”

In addition to the proven 7-inch (17,78 cm) display, an 8.7-inch (22 cm) capacitive touchscreen provides a comprehensive overview of all process parameters for intuitive operation of the system. The touchscreen allows easy display of all settings and current measured values, including process history graphs. The function is a perfect tool for creating and editing methods and SOPs. The instrument offers maximum safety with safety-coated glass and several built-in safety mechanisms, such as overtemperature and overpressure control. The use of high-quality materials ensures a long service life even under harsh production conditions in 24/7 operation.

For more information:

Michael Kervick is a sales manager with specialist knowledge of the BUCHI range of products and their applications.  Get in touch with Michael today if you would like further information on the BUCHI range of products including the new Rotavapor® R-250 Pro or to arrange an online demonstration.

Michael Kervick
Sales Manager for BUCHI, Lauda, Stable Micro Systems and Konica Minolta
E:      mkervick@masontec.ie 
M:     +353 87 223 1979
DD:   +353 1 4154439

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