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Introducing the New Nexera series LC-40 from Shimadzu!

Groundbreaking technology in terms of intelligence, efficiency and design…

Mason Technology in partnership with Shimadzu are delighted to introduce to our customers the New Nexera series LC-40 from Shimadzu. Shimadzu are one of the world leaders in analytical instrumentation, and recently announced the release of the Nexera Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph series, incorporating artificial intelligence as Analytical Intelligence, allowing systems to detect and resolve issues automatically. The Nexera series makes lab management simple by integrating IoT and device networking, enabling users to easily review instrument status, optimize resource allocation, and achieve higher throughput.

The New Nexera series LX-40 features:

Advanced AI capabilities and lab management using the Internet of Things (IoT)

Intelligent auto-diagnostics and auto-recovery features /

Efficient process automation and fast, reliable performance

Learn more about the New Nexera series LX-40 https://www.shimadzu.eu/press-information-nexera-series.

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