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Mason Technology Integrated Management System Policy (IMS)-Committed to Quality, Health & Safety, and the Environment

Mason Technology Integrated Management System Policy (IMS) Statement

Mason Technology Limited is committed to providing the highest Quality support to our customers. We continually assess the Health and Safety risks, opportunities and Environmental impacts associated with the provision of our services. In order to achieve this, the company has implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS), forming an integral part of the company’s business strategy which is designed to meet the requirements of the International Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Our IMS is top down driven ensuring clear lines of communication, responsibility and the provision of necessary resources and training to achieve and maintain Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental objectives.

Senior Management demonstrate full and active support for the IMS by taking accountability for the effectiveness of the IMS and supporting and providing the necessary resources. Mason Technology is committed to protecting the Environment and the prevention of pollution.

Senior Management seeks to continually improve the IMS by setting objectives, monitoring the effectiveness of the IMS through regular Management Review and as required, updating to reflect any changes to company policy, strategy and objectives.

A commitment to Quality, the Environment and Health and Safety is actively promoted and is part of our culture.

Risk analysis is part of our ethos, ensuring continuity of supply to our customers. By embedding contingency planning and managed development we reduce the risk of failure or delays in our deliverables. Mason Technology has set objectives and targets that are monitored regularly to assess improvements in Quality, Safety and Environmental performance.

As a distributor and supplier of scientific equipment we work closely with and regularly audit our suppliers, taking their purpose, scope, and environmental impacts into account.

Mason Technology gives the highest priority to the promotion of safe and healthy working conditions and safe working methods on site, with the aim of eliminating hazards and injury to persons, damage to property, reducing OH&S risks, preventing accidents and causes of work related ill health.

Mason Technology consults with employees on matters affecting Health and Safety. Recommendations arising from employee consultation and Risk Assessment programmes are implemented where practical to ensure continual improvement in Health and Safety performance.

Mason Technology is committed to conducting business in a just, ethical, and environmentally responsible manner that ensures compliance with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and laws. Mason Technology uses the Pegasus Legal Register to greatly reduce the risk of EH&S noncompliance.

Mason Technology shall ensure that the IMS Policy is understood, regularly communicated to all employees, and made available to all interested parties.

Peter Brennan

Peter Brennan Managing Director Mason Technology Telephone: 01 4534422

Download the above Integrated Management System Policy (IMS) Statement here: Mason Technology IMS Policy

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