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Minimizing Contract Testing Requirement in the Meat Sector with NIR Solutions

Are you using Contract Testing to analyse principle parameters of your samples? Tired of waiting for results to release batches?

Coming from a lab background, I know how important it is in Industry to have speed and efficiency on your side. Although my background is in biological testing this testimony, echoes throughout all industries without fail.

When I started working within various sectors in my current role of Product Specialist with Mason Technology, I found it very easy to determine areas where there was a bottle neck or a process that could be improved.

One of the current practices that I particularly noticed, is the use of contract testing within the meat industry. I came across massive production plants running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no laboratory. Now I understand why, with laboratories comes the use of nasty chemicals, the need for additional manpower, additional space, running costs, the list goes on…

When Buchi AG released the Proximate in March 2018 I seen the resolution.  An opportunity to take back control without implementing a laboratory, an AT-LINE system to embody fat determination, protein determination, BEFFE determination and moisture analysis and that’s just for meat!

It’s time to take back control of your process! One way to do this is to implement NIR technology. With our partner Buchi, Mason Technology can provide many types of NIR Technology. We specialise in On-Line, At-Line and lab bench systems.


Take Back Control

Whether you want to build a system into your process lines so that you can analyse in real time or take a sample from the line for swift analysis, we have a solution to do this.

For the analysis of raw or processed meat we can determine parameters such as;

  • Fat
  • Moisture
  • Protein
  • BEFFE ….in real time or in under 20 seconds.

NIR is used across the food and feed industry to reduce or eliminate the need for costly and time consuming external testing, it also means no more waiting to release a batch or wondering about re-blends. Having an NIR instrument onsite means you have full control over your production performance, increasing speed and efficiency.  Of course on a validation basis you will need to perform a level of contract testing but the Proximate allows for these results to be added to the calibration rather than shelling out the money to prove accuracy and discarding the samples afterwards.

In my experience so far working within the meat industry, I have found that colour measurement has become increasingly important. The Proximate from Buchi can also measure colour and has the option of including the NIR and VIS region. Values are given in the universally recognised L*a*b format.

Let’s be honest, since Sir William Herschel discovered the heating effects of IR light in the NIR region, we’ve come a long way!

Our NIR Proximate systems are easy for anyone to use and the Buchi Proximate NIR has numerous features that puts it ahead of any NIR technology system currently available. Key features include:

  • IP69 ingress: carry out a wash down once a week? No problem, wash down your NIR system with the production lines.
  • Auto-Cal function: spending hundreds of euros on yearly validation only to throw the samples out afterwards? With the Proximate auto-cal function you can easily add these samples into your calibration, building a stronger calibration yearly.
  • No doors/crevasses: the Proximate has an FDA approved sanitary design, so there is nowhere for product bits to hide and spoil. The system is completely cleanable.
  • Small footprint: Smallest NIR in its league weighing 23kg Dimensions (W x D x H): 260 x 435 x 500 mm
  • Colour measurement is available – NIR + VIS region is a possible configuration if colour is of interest to you.
WRITTEN BY Lizzie Gallagher

Lizzie Gallagher is a product specialist at Mason Technology, with extensive experience in advising our customers in several sectors on the advantages of implementing NIR technology within their laboratory.

To learn more about the Buchi AG or advice on NIR technology you can contact Lizzie via our contact us page and let us know your query, or you can e-mail Lizzie directly at lgallagher@masontec.ie.

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